Working Visit of Sub National OGP Manager in Bojonegoro

Bojonegoro – Brittany the sub-national manager of OGP based in Washington DC – USA, started his two-day visit to Bojonegoro today Tuesday 23 May 2017. Kang Yoto The Bojonegoro Regent as host receives Brittany’s direct in the 1st floor Lobby of Pemkab Building, he explains the development philosophy and arrangement New buildings derived from open and partner-based government values.

Starting from the north door of the collaboration philosophy and the southern door which is a public service. Kang Yoto also invites Brittany with other guests such as from Hivos, OGP Indonesia and other guests to visit one-stop public service on the 1st and 2nd floor of the south of the building, and show evidence of transparency or action plan of transparency of local budget system shown by budget banner Which is openly publicly disclosed.

Next Kang Yoto invites guests to the 4th floor where in the partnership space there is an explanation procurement of goods and services for entrepreneurs are closely related to the open contract document action plan.

Next go to the 7th floor to show the Regent’s office with the the situation and condition of Bojonegoro district government management that are very open.

Then held a meeting that was attended components of government, community, academics and entrepreneurs. This meeting begins with the meeting participants’ intentions, then an initial explanation of the OGP action plan that has been implemented in Bojonegoro 2016 and which is being implemented in 2017, followed by material refinement through discussions with led by Kang Yoto.

In this discussion there are many interesting things that can be applied not only in Bojonegoro, but can be best practice in other areas that intend to implement such citizen charter related to health services, utilization of PKK homes data by integrating village development, to examine the role of NGOs, academics and businessmen to support the development of Bojonegoro including explanation Details related to open contract documents ( is only one model in the world) and applications that support them as well as other e-government applications.

After interspersed with lunch and prayer, the team visited Pejambon village Sumberrejo subdistrict to see first hand the practice of village government accountability action plan, to interact directly with Pejambon villagers. Furthermore, the team headed to the community plantation empowerment of Belimbing (star fruit) Garden to see the success of collaboration of government and society in improving people’s welfare through agro gardens for Belimbing. Activities today will be closed with a warm welcome along with dinner at Terrace cafe accompanied by music and song creation Kang Yoto (**/mcb)

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